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Welcome Back to the Dr. San Guinary Weblab
· Thursday September 16, 2010

Wow … it’s going to be 15 years in October that this website has been in existance in one form or another. Can you believe it?

When i originally created the Dr. San Guinary WebLab back in 1995, i honestly didn’t know if the web would ever really last very long or if there would be any real interest in a website dedicated to a Omaha horror host.

Boy was I ever wrong.

Even today, 29 years after John Jones retired from the show, there is still an interest in things involving this little show from Omaha.

Right now, there is a lot of interest in Dr. San Guinary and Creature Feature again. A group of Dr. San Guinary fans (including myself) have formed Team San Guinary and have been spending the past year working on charity events in Doc’s name. We now have three Dr. San Guinary websites available; this one, DrSanGuinary.Org and the Dr. San Guinary Facebook Group.

The “Org” site is our charity site where we promote our events and sell Doc merchandise. The Facebook group has been where fans on Facebook can come and talk about their experiences and memories of Dr. San Guinary. This site remains, and continues to act as an archive for all things Dr. San Guinary.

For me, it has been wonderful to work with Chris Palmer (the biographer for John Jones) and Amanda Shannon (the Facebook admin) because for a change, i do not feel like the only one so dedicated to the memory of Creature Feature. Chris, Amanda and myself, along with Jason and Josh Jones (the sons of John “Dr. San Guinary” Jones) have been working as Team SanGuinary for a while now, and it is nothing short of inspiring.

Here’s a tidbit for you all; CREATURE FEATURE LIVE in 2011! Be watching this space…

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