Dr San Guinary
Dr. San Guinary Weblab

Hello! Did you miss us? We certainly missed you!

Since 1996, the Dr. San Guinary Weblab has been the original website for Omaha's cult horror host Dr. San Guinary, and it has been in service for a little over 20 years now ... until earlier this year when the web server that housed our website took a huge hit. A power surge hit our humble network, and literally fried EVERYTHING ... our router, our modem, our server ... AND our back up drives. We lost everything ... including the Web Lab.

FORTUNATELY, most of the images were scanned and stored elsewhere, and along with some new images, we have been rebuilding the weblab, and it should be returning by 10/20/2017 with an all new website.

Thank you for your patience, and as always, thank you for your years of devotion to this little labor of love of mine.